Thursday, March 25, 2010

2009 Fishing Season Review

To all Mr. Muskie Charters Fans:

We wanted to give everyone a review of our 2009 fishing season. The season opened as always on the first Saturday in June and everyone was excited to get out chasing muskies and find out what the season had in store.

June proved to be a very good month for numbers of fish caught with an average of 6-8 boated fish per trip. However; the size of the fish that were caught were of smaller size mid 30” class fish being the average size boated, with an occasional mid 40” class here and there. We did boat in few fish over the 50” mark that weighed over 30#.

July was another gang buster month that had many days with over 10 fish boated.
The sizes of the fish that were caught also varied from 30” to 50+” class.
We had many days with double headers and the action was great all month long.
We boated 5 fish over the 30# mark and had 2 over the 34# mark on one trip.

August was a month where numbers went down a bit but the size of fish got better. We still averaged 6 boated fish a trip. However we did have multiple days with over 10 fish boated. We also boated a few over the 50” & 30# class.

September was a month where we had either a higher numbers day or less fish but of better size. We started to see more fish in the legal size class (42”-44”).

October was a very slow month with some low numbers, which is not common for the fall bite. However toward the end of the month there were two new lake records set within a two week period of time. The largest being over 54” and weighing 48.6#. It was a monster caught by Tony Jaros a long time Lake St. Clair fisherman that was a friend of Homer’s. It was nice to see that he was rewarded for over 40 years of muskie fishing.

All in all the 2009 season was a very productive year in many regards. It showed with the high numbers of smaller fish that the population is still very healthy and that we will have some great fishing for many years to come. It also had some of the largest fish ever caught proving that Lake St. Clair is the worlds best Muskie Lake!