Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pre-Season updates & Fishing Reports

We wanted to give everyone one last reminder about our special pricing on all charters booked through April 1st!
Only 10 days left to take advantage of or discounted rates!
Call us now to set your 2012 charters while prime date during peak fishing season may still be available.
We also wanted to share some fishing information as well our seasons predictions…

Fishing Reports:
With the mild winter we had and the jump start into spring with record temps this fishing season is off and running with warmer than usual water temps and active fish. We should expect a great fishing season for the 2012!
Walleye season has already begun in the Detroit River! There have days with some good action & Limits of Walleye have been caught already! They are being caught over a wide spread area both on the American side as well as the Canadian side.
Bass season should be starting with some great action as they have been very active in the canals and shallows now which means they are starting their mating and spawning cycle. This should make them active and hungry for the early catch & release season ,which we will be starting our bass charters the 1st of May!
Muskie season is just around the corner and our book is starting to fill up as are the Muskies on the small bait fish in the shallows. There have been many sightings of huge Muskies in the shallows, which indicates they are spawning and feeding while protecting their eggs! There was very little die off this winter and a huge number of Muskies caught last season just under the legal mark, which means this should be another unbelievable year for Muskie fishing! I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the year of the 50#er!! Our calendar is starting to get filled up during the peak of the Muskie season, so call us to set up your 2012 charters while prime dates may still be available!!

We look forward to hearing from everyone and hope to get you out fishing this season!
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