Friday, June 29, 2012

Bass & Muskie Fishing Update….

Well we are well into both Bass & Muskie fishing for the 2012 season and what an awesome fishing season it is turning out to be. We just started fishing Bass on both the Canadian & Michigan side. The Michigan side over the past 2 months for the early catch and release season was incredible fishing. We have a running average of 8-9 dozen Bass caught per 6hr trip!! Our best day of Bass fishing so far has been over 100 Bass boated and the largest of this season is 6.6 Lbs. that measured 22”!! Now that is some great Bass fishing. The Bass fishing is getting better as the summer heats up and now we can fish the Canadian side where they have been left alone so far and will be some awesome fishing! The Muskie season is also well under way with the season’s opening tournament bringing in a 40# fish… and there have been many fish caught over the 30# mark so far. This season has shown to be one of the best Muskie fishing season’s yet as we have been boating over 10 fish per trip!! That is a running average of 10 Muskie boated with our best day so far of 21 for 28 Muskies. We have had many double and triple headers too. The biggest Muskie boated so far was 52” and weighed 34 Lbs. This fishing season should bring in many more monsters as well as a possible 50#er before the seasons end. The best part of the Muskie season is just getting started as well as the Canadian Bass season… We still have some dates available during the peak of this fishing season and this is not a season to miss!! Give us a call and set up your Bass or Muskie trips while there is still time! We look forward to hearing from you and hope to get you out fishing this season! Tight Lines, Capt. Kevin Backus Mr. Muskie Charters (586) 771-8817 phone and fax (586) 206-4172 cell