Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Close of Another Great Season!

Well the season has come to a close for Mr. Muskie Charters. We have pulled “Mr. Muskie Too” out for the season and plan on getting her all ready for next year. Taking a look back at the season it was an awesome year and we have to thank all of our customers for making this season a huge success! We should also give the fish some credit for making our trips very successful by cooperating and playing the game. The early Bass season in May was an awesome time to haul in many great Bass averaging between 3 to 4 pounds, we also had quite a few 5+ pounders. Our largest Bass of the season was over the 6 pound mark! We averaged between 6 to 8 dozen Bass caught per trip throughout our Bass season (May – September). We even had some days where we boated over 100 Bass in our 6 hour charters! Muskie fishing this season was unbelievable and the best we have seen as far as action and Monster trophy fish. The numbers of fish did fluctuate throughout the season, mostly due to weather and cold fronts. However, we had an awesome season filled with lots of action. We averaged 10 Muskie boated per trip through August and 8 fish average over the whole fishing season. We had over 24 fish that were master angler awards. We boated 16 Monster trophy Muskies that were over the 30 pound mark as well as breaking our careers best at 40 pounds. Great job to all these anglers and welcome to our 30 Pound Club and opening a new 40 Pound Club! The past month of Muskie fishing proved to be some great fishing with some hard fishing days as well. The weather was switching to fall, which gets the Muskies in their feeding frenzy, it also comes with a lot of high and changing winds that make the fishing tough and the areas that are fishable harder to find. We did do very well and caught some real Monsters the last month. We had 3 over 30 pounds and also set our new 40 pound record! We found the Muskies moving in closer to shore in shallower waters and feeding heavy on the shad that go back into the rivers. Perch fishing was very good this past month as they were schooling up in some of our hot spots and had moved to the deeper water. This proved to be some great fishing and we had days with over 100 perch caught filling our customers coolers with the best eating jumbo yellow belly perch anyone could ask for! There were some days that were tough fishing perch as well with the winds and weather causing the lake to turn over making it a muddy mess, however all in all it was great fall perching! Sturgeon Fishing, our newest charter offering was a huge success! We had a lot of interest from our customers and the ones who tried it out had a blast catching these monster prehistoric beasts. Some even came back for multiple trips as they found out just how addicting this type of charter really is! We had an average of 3 Sturgeon boated per trip along with lots of other action catching Sheepshead and Catfish while waiting for the “magic hour” to arrive. We boated 4 monster Sturgeon over the 60 inch mark and our seasons best was just under 70 inches weighing over 100 pounds! We have really fine-tuned our techniques and found many great hot spots to make these charters an awesome experience. We found that these were the battles that took our customers hours to boat their fish of a lifetime making it a very memorable trip and getting them addicted to our newest charter offerings. We look forward to getting more of our customers out to try these awesome trips next season! We had an awesome fishing season and again want to thank all of our customers for their support for the 2013 season! We look forward to getting you out in 2014, which we are currently booking. Tight Lines, Capt. Kevin Backus