Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Sturgeon Expierence!

The Sturgeon fishing has begun and we are running our fall Sturgeon charters! We have had our first few trips out already and have had great results! We have boated as many as 3 fish in a trip and see a lot of action from other species like the catfish and sheep head while waiting for the Sturgeon to strike. Man when they do strike it is “Game On!” the battles with these prehistoric Monsters can last for hours… yes hours! We had a group out that had a Monster Sturgeon on that took them 2 hours taking turns to finally get to the boat. When they got it in the boat and regained their composure they saw that they caught a 69 inch Monster Sturgeon, which is our current largest Sturgeon caught this year! We are running our Sturgeon trips through the end of October and have limited availability. This is a short season but an awesome fishing trip! Take a look at some of these impressive pictures of these prehistoric monsters! Give us a call to set up your Sturgeon trips now. Don’t wait and let that fish of a lifetime get away from you! Tight Lines, Capt. Kevin Backus

September Swing!

September Swing Well the summer is now quickly changing into fall and the summer breezes are being replaced with the fall winds. This time of the season is a short but unstable switch over into the fall feeding frenzy! We have noticed that these changes can have both great days of fishing with good numbers of catches as well as slow days and some higher winds to deal with. September proved to be just that… We had many days with over 10 Muskies boated and caught 3 more trophy Monster Muskies that were over the 30 pound mark! Congrats to our new 30 pound club members on a great job at winning the battle over these monster fish. We did have a few slower days that produced less numbers of fish but the overall quality of the fish that were caught was great! We were also limited on those days as to where we were able to fish due to the weather. Since these changes in the weather are almost over we have noticed that the fishing has picked back up for most all the days and foresee an awesome fall fishing frenzy underway. We are noticing that the Muskies are moving back into the shallower waters and starting to feed on our larger baits. This defiantly indicates that the fall fishing has come under way and are sure that it will only pick up and get better. This fall fishing frenzy is a great time to get out fishing for the Muskies as they are going to be feeding heavy to put on their winter weight and will be hitting the baits hot and hard! We notice that this also produces the big fish in the sense that they will all be pretty fat, as well as when we catch those 50 inch fish they will have some serious weight behind them. We are still going to be running our charters through the end of October and expect to see some great days of fall fishing. We still have some limited availability so call us to book your fall Muskie hunts now. Don’t miss out on your chance at a Monster Muskie this fall as the 40 pounder could be yours! Tight Lines, Capt. Kevin Backus Contact Information