Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Close of Another Great Season!

Well the season has come to a close for Mr. Muskie Charters. We have pulled “Mr. Muskie Too” out for the season and plan on getting her all ready for next year. Taking a look back at the season it was an awesome year and we have to thank all of our customers for making this season a huge success! We should also give the fish some credit for making our trips very successful by cooperating and playing the game. The early Bass season in May was an awesome time to haul in many great Bass averaging between 3 to 4 pounds, we also had quite a few 5+ pounders. Our largest Bass of the season was over the 6 pound mark! We averaged between 6 to 8 dozen Bass caught per trip throughout our Bass season (May – September). We even had some days where we boated over 100 Bass in our 6 hour charters! Muskie fishing this season was unbelievable and the best we have seen as far as action and Monster trophy fish. The numbers of fish did fluctuate throughout the season, mostly due to weather and cold fronts. However, we had an awesome season filled with lots of action. We averaged 10 Muskie boated per trip through August and 8 fish average over the whole fishing season. We had over 24 fish that were master angler awards. We boated 16 Monster trophy Muskies that were over the 30 pound mark as well as breaking our careers best at 40 pounds. Great job to all these anglers and welcome to our 30 Pound Club and opening a new 40 Pound Club! The past month of Muskie fishing proved to be some great fishing with some hard fishing days as well. The weather was switching to fall, which gets the Muskies in their feeding frenzy, it also comes with a lot of high and changing winds that make the fishing tough and the areas that are fishable harder to find. We did do very well and caught some real Monsters the last month. We had 3 over 30 pounds and also set our new 40 pound record! We found the Muskies moving in closer to shore in shallower waters and feeding heavy on the shad that go back into the rivers. Perch fishing was very good this past month as they were schooling up in some of our hot spots and had moved to the deeper water. This proved to be some great fishing and we had days with over 100 perch caught filling our customers coolers with the best eating jumbo yellow belly perch anyone could ask for! There were some days that were tough fishing perch as well with the winds and weather causing the lake to turn over making it a muddy mess, however all in all it was great fall perching! Sturgeon Fishing, our newest charter offering was a huge success! We had a lot of interest from our customers and the ones who tried it out had a blast catching these monster prehistoric beasts. Some even came back for multiple trips as they found out just how addicting this type of charter really is! We had an average of 3 Sturgeon boated per trip along with lots of other action catching Sheepshead and Catfish while waiting for the “magic hour” to arrive. We boated 4 monster Sturgeon over the 60 inch mark and our seasons best was just under 70 inches weighing over 100 pounds! We have really fine-tuned our techniques and found many great hot spots to make these charters an awesome experience. We found that these were the battles that took our customers hours to boat their fish of a lifetime making it a very memorable trip and getting them addicted to our newest charter offerings. We look forward to getting more of our customers out to try these awesome trips next season! We had an awesome fishing season and again want to thank all of our customers for their support for the 2013 season! We look forward to getting you out in 2014, which we are currently booking. Tight Lines, Capt. Kevin Backus

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Sturgeon Expierence!

The Sturgeon fishing has begun and we are running our fall Sturgeon charters! We have had our first few trips out already and have had great results! We have boated as many as 3 fish in a trip and see a lot of action from other species like the catfish and sheep head while waiting for the Sturgeon to strike. Man when they do strike it is “Game On!” the battles with these prehistoric Monsters can last for hours… yes hours! We had a group out that had a Monster Sturgeon on that took them 2 hours taking turns to finally get to the boat. When they got it in the boat and regained their composure they saw that they caught a 69 inch Monster Sturgeon, which is our current largest Sturgeon caught this year! We are running our Sturgeon trips through the end of October and have limited availability. This is a short season but an awesome fishing trip! Take a look at some of these impressive pictures of these prehistoric monsters! Give us a call to set up your Sturgeon trips now. Don’t wait and let that fish of a lifetime get away from you! Tight Lines, Capt. Kevin Backus

September Swing!

September Swing Well the summer is now quickly changing into fall and the summer breezes are being replaced with the fall winds. This time of the season is a short but unstable switch over into the fall feeding frenzy! We have noticed that these changes can have both great days of fishing with good numbers of catches as well as slow days and some higher winds to deal with. September proved to be just that… We had many days with over 10 Muskies boated and caught 3 more trophy Monster Muskies that were over the 30 pound mark! Congrats to our new 30 pound club members on a great job at winning the battle over these monster fish. We did have a few slower days that produced less numbers of fish but the overall quality of the fish that were caught was great! We were also limited on those days as to where we were able to fish due to the weather. Since these changes in the weather are almost over we have noticed that the fishing has picked back up for most all the days and foresee an awesome fall fishing frenzy underway. We are noticing that the Muskies are moving back into the shallower waters and starting to feed on our larger baits. This defiantly indicates that the fall fishing has come under way and are sure that it will only pick up and get better. This fall fishing frenzy is a great time to get out fishing for the Muskies as they are going to be feeding heavy to put on their winter weight and will be hitting the baits hot and hard! We notice that this also produces the big fish in the sense that they will all be pretty fat, as well as when we catch those 50 inch fish they will have some serious weight behind them. We are still going to be running our charters through the end of October and expect to see some great days of fall fishing. We still have some limited availability so call us to book your fall Muskie hunts now. Don’t miss out on your chance at a Monster Muskie this fall as the 40 pounder could be yours! Tight Lines, Capt. Kevin Backus Contact Information

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sturgeon Fishing Arrives!

Mr. Muskie Charters is now going to offer Sturgeon fishing trips for September and October! We will be running these trips in the north channel and St. Clair River in our 18 foot Lund. These trips will be 4 hours in the evenings from approx. 5 – 9 p.m. They will accommodate a max of 3 people. The cost on these trips is $500.00. These prehistoric giants are the largest fresh water fish in all the great lakes measuring up to 70 inches and weighing over 200 pounds! They can be up to 100 years old. We have a 3 to 5 fish average during these trips and have boated as many as 6 of these monsters in 1 trip. This is a true battle as well as a test of strength between the fish and the angler. Fighting these massive fish can take up to 45 minutes! These trips will be guided by Keith who is a renowned expert in fishing for these Sturgeon and he has mastered the techniques needed to catch and land these massive prehistoric monsters. He has worked at refining his methods for fishing the Sturgeon as well as getting their seasonal movements down to a science. This will ensure you the best chance at landing one of these lake monsters which are a fish of a lifetime! These trips are going to be very relaxing and enjoyable as they will start before the sun sets and go into night a bit too. You will be able to enjoy the evening and the sun setting. However when the Sturgeon strike be ready for hands on action as well as hands on helping boating, measuring and reviving these fish. We will be practicing Catch and Release with all of the Sturgeon as we do with the Muskies, however if you get one of these trophy fish and would like to get a mount done we will get all the data and pictures for you to get a fiberglass replica. You can expect to have some hands on time viewing and handling these fish as we have made a special XL live well for the Sturgeon to revive before taking your pictures and being released back into the water.

Swinging into September!

Well August is now past and it was a great month of fishing action. There were a lot of swinging weather patterns that had brought some tougher fishing days, however we boated fish in all these adverse conditions. We went through some days of 90 degree temps and nice breezes out of the south and then sudden cold fronts with north winds that limited our areas of fishing. During this month we still had a higher than average number of fish boated… around 8 to 10 Muskies per trip! We started the month still fishing the deeper water in the middle of the lake however as the month went on and the weather patterns changed we also had to change our fishing locations as well as our tactics for catching the Muskies. We have been working the south shore of the lake from 12 to 15 feet of water trying to find nice water color and little or no weeds for the best fishing conditions. We boated 3 to 4 fish over the 50 inch and 30 pound mark this past month and want to congratulate all of our new 30 pound club members! Great job catching these monsters and releasing them back so they can get even bigger and be caught another day. The Bass fishing during the past month proved to be some good action with our average catch of 4 to 5 dozen per trip. We also notice a good amount of Perch being caught during these trips which is a good sign that they are starting to school for the fall bite. We will be ending our Bass Trips as well as our Sunset Cruises this month, We will be starting our Perch Charters as well as our Sturgeon Trips. We will still be catching the Muskies and hunting them down during their fall feeding frenzy through October! We are now booking the rest of this season as well as 2014. Give us a call to set up your charters! Tight Lines, Capt. Kevin Backus

Monday, June 10, 2013

Muskie Season is Here!!

Muskie Season kicked off last weekend with a bang! The MOMC held their opening tournament and most anglers had good success fishing different areas around the lake. The winner of the tournament caught a 37.6 lb Muskie that was 52” long! We had some good success with our fist Muskie boated was 48”. We ended up 3 for 5 and fished the dumping grounds area. This is the start to a great season with huge fish like this being caught the door is wide open for many trophy Muskie and a possible new lake record! The bass fishing continues to be excellent as we have been catching 5-7 dozen bass each trip. Most days you can expect to get some other species like rock bass, sheephead & silver bass as they have entered the lake as well as filling up the Detroit River. The action has been very good around the mile roads in 8-12 foot of water using live bait has worked the best! We are still booking trips for this season and have limited availability during the peak fishing season. Give us a call to set up your fishing charters now while we still have dates available. Don’t miss out on this great fishing season! Tight Lines, Capt. Kevin Backus Mr. Muskie Charters (586) 771-8817 phone and fax (586) 206-4172 cell

Friday, March 8, 2013

Pre-Season Updates & Round Up!

This week marks the time change to spring forward and with that we know that Spring is just around the corner. The 2013 fishing season will be fast under way before we know it and the charters will be starting. We wanted to let all of our fans and customers know about the new updates and changes with Mr. Muskie Charters. • We have made many changes to our website and have found it to be very easy to navigate and find all the necessary information. Check out our new navigation bar on the Home Page. • We also have a brand New look as we have changed our Logo and Brochures! Check out the brochure on the charters page as we think its impressive. • We have posted all the 2012 pictures and videos to the website so check them out to make sure your picture made it. • We changed our charter offerings and rates for the 2013 season. See the charters page for the changes. • We are still offering a pre-season discount on all charters booked. • We are offering a limited time super savings discount (up to $300.00 savings) on our early spring Bass fishing in May. Call for all the details and to book your trip. Offer expires on April 1st! There are some changes to the Canadian laws regarding entering their waters, which will affect all charters. We will lay out all the details in a newsletter or on the Captains Post. Our show season has ended but our preseason discounts will still be effective for a little while longer. We have noticed that we are getting booked up during the peak of the fishing season and want to give everyone and equal chance at getting trips scheduled during that time, so call us soon to reserve your dates now before they are gone! We look forward to hearing from you and hope to get you out fishing this coming season! Tight Lines, Capt. Kevin Backus

Monday, February 18, 2013

2012 Fishing Season Review!

We at Mr. Muskie Charters would like to thank all of our customers for making the 2012 fishing season a great year and a huge success. We greatly appreciate your business and look forward to fishing with you again soon. We are currently booking charters for the 2013 season and would like to give all our customers first dibs on available dates for the upcoming season. If you book before the shows you can still receive 2012 prices as well as pre-show discounts. We are offering gift certificates for the upcoming holiday season. They make great gifts and memories to last a lifetime! We will be doing 2 shows this season: • Ultimate Fishing Show: Jan. 10th thru the 13th – Suburban Collection Showplace Novi, MI. • Outdoorama: Feb. 21st thru the 24th - Suburban Collection Showplace Novi, MI. Let us know if you plan on visiting us at the shows to book your trips for next year and we will arrange to get you tickets for the show. The 2012 Season’s standings are as follows: • We boated over 650 Muskies and averaged 10 fish per trip through August. • We had 11 fish over the 30 pound mark and our seasons largest was a 37 pounder that was 52” long. • We had 16 fish that qualified for master angler awards. • Our Bass and Bass/ Muskie Combo trips were a huge success with lots of fish caught! This season the Bass fishing was exceptional with days of over 100 caught. We averaged 8 dozen Bass caught per trip which was incredible. Many of the Bass were over the 4 pound mark and the largest caught was 6 pounds. Muskie fishing had many days with double digits of fish caught and many double and triple header days which made for an amazing year of fishing! Make sure to check out our website as we have added all the pictures and videos along with articles and any changes for 2013. We at Mr. Muskie Charters would like to wish you a happy and healthy Holiday Season! We look forward to hearing from you soon! Tight Lines, Capt. Kevin Backus