Friday, May 18, 2012

Spring fishing report!!

Now as May sets in and the temps have been steadily climbing along with the water temps, so too has the fishing… The Walleye fishing in the Detroit river has been outstanding this season with many big fish and limits of Walleyes caught in very short order at times. Recently there has been an abundance of silver bass being caught as well. These fish are a riot to catch as they are more than plentiful when in the river. They will school up to chase & eat bait, therefore when you are trying to get your jig down to the walleye’s they will hit it before it gets to the bottom. It makes it harder to catch the Walleye but you can’t beat the action of the silver bass run! It seems there has been a lot of Muskies being caught while jigging in the river as well as in the lake during the catch & release Bass season… This should prove to be an awesome year for Muskie fishing and there should be some real monsters caught this year, just like the one that is shown on our Facebook page that was caught by our mate Keith while he was fishing Walleye’s. It was 48” x 26” weighing a massive 40.6 lbs!! That is a true Monster Muskie. Check it out on our Facebook page at and join “like” our page to keep up with what is going on between fishing reports! The early catch & release season for Bass has proved to be very successful as we have averaged 3-5 dozen caught every trip… Now that is some good action! We just started those charters last week and will be doing the Bass charters through September however the action is best during the earlier part of the season. We will keep everyone posted on the fishing and add some pictures to keep you drooling… Give us a call to set up your 2012 charters while some dates are still available during the peak of the fishing season! Tight lines, Capt. Kevin Backus Mr. Muskie Charters (586) 771-8817 phone and fax (586) 206-4172 cell