Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sturgeon Fishing Arrives!

Mr. Muskie Charters is now going to offer Sturgeon fishing trips for September and October! We will be running these trips in the north channel and St. Clair River in our 18 foot Lund. These trips will be 4 hours in the evenings from approx. 5 – 9 p.m. They will accommodate a max of 3 people. The cost on these trips is $500.00. These prehistoric giants are the largest fresh water fish in all the great lakes measuring up to 70 inches and weighing over 200 pounds! They can be up to 100 years old. We have a 3 to 5 fish average during these trips and have boated as many as 6 of these monsters in 1 trip. This is a true battle as well as a test of strength between the fish and the angler. Fighting these massive fish can take up to 45 minutes! These trips will be guided by Keith who is a renowned expert in fishing for these Sturgeon and he has mastered the techniques needed to catch and land these massive prehistoric monsters. He has worked at refining his methods for fishing the Sturgeon as well as getting their seasonal movements down to a science. This will ensure you the best chance at landing one of these lake monsters which are a fish of a lifetime! These trips are going to be very relaxing and enjoyable as they will start before the sun sets and go into night a bit too. You will be able to enjoy the evening and the sun setting. However when the Sturgeon strike be ready for hands on action as well as hands on helping boating, measuring and reviving these fish. We will be practicing Catch and Release with all of the Sturgeon as we do with the Muskies, however if you get one of these trophy fish and would like to get a mount done we will get all the data and pictures for you to get a fiberglass replica. You can expect to have some hands on time viewing and handling these fish as we have made a special XL live well for the Sturgeon to revive before taking your pictures and being released back into the water.

Swinging into September!

Well August is now past and it was a great month of fishing action. There were a lot of swinging weather patterns that had brought some tougher fishing days, however we boated fish in all these adverse conditions. We went through some days of 90 degree temps and nice breezes out of the south and then sudden cold fronts with north winds that limited our areas of fishing. During this month we still had a higher than average number of fish boated… around 8 to 10 Muskies per trip! We started the month still fishing the deeper water in the middle of the lake however as the month went on and the weather patterns changed we also had to change our fishing locations as well as our tactics for catching the Muskies. We have been working the south shore of the lake from 12 to 15 feet of water trying to find nice water color and little or no weeds for the best fishing conditions. We boated 3 to 4 fish over the 50 inch and 30 pound mark this past month and want to congratulate all of our new 30 pound club members! Great job catching these monsters and releasing them back so they can get even bigger and be caught another day. The Bass fishing during the past month proved to be some good action with our average catch of 4 to 5 dozen per trip. We also notice a good amount of Perch being caught during these trips which is a good sign that they are starting to school for the fall bite. We will be ending our Bass Trips as well as our Sunset Cruises this month, We will be starting our Perch Charters as well as our Sturgeon Trips. We will still be catching the Muskies and hunting them down during their fall feeding frenzy through October! We are now booking the rest of this season as well as 2014. Give us a call to set up your charters! Tight Lines, Capt. Kevin Backus