Monday, September 24, 2012

Swinging Into Fall

Well the sizzling hot summer of Muskie fishing is starting to change as the weather changes into fall. We had an awesome August as well as a great start to September. We had great days with good numbers of fish boated as well as 3 trophy Muskie over the 30lb. mark! We do anticipate a bit of a slowdown in the action during the change from summer to fall but with the numbers and quality of fish still being boated the fall has some great potential for some fat trophy Muskie to come! This should be a great time as all the numbers of fish that we have been catching all summer will be fattening up for winter, so the action should be good with the possibility of a monster Muskie all the time! We have also noticed on the last few of our Bass/Muskie Combo trips that we have been catching a good number of Perch at the same time, which lets us know that they are in the process of getting into their large schools again for the fall. This should be a great season to fill some buckets with Lake St. Clair jumbo yellow belly Perch, which are the best eating fish in fresh water! We will be running trips for Muskie & Perch through the end of October. We still have some limited availability in the end of September as well as during October. If you are interested in hunting down some monster Muskies this fall or just want to fill the freezer with some fresh Perch give us a call to set up your trips now. The season will be over soon so don’t wait and miss out on some great fishing with your friends, family or clients! We look forward to hearing from you and hope to get you out fishing soon! Tight Lines, Capt. Kevin

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Heat Is ON...

Yes the 2012 Fishing Season is in full swing and the action has been as hot as the weather lately! We have been averaging 10 - 12 Muskies per trip and have even had days where over 24 Muskies in one trip were boated! We boated 5 Muskies over the 50 in. mark and 4 over the 30 lb. mark with the largest to beat at 36.6 lbs. However, the lake and heat has turned the Monster Muskies on as there have been 3 Muskies over the 40 lbs. mark boated on the lake and successfully released back into the lake to be caught another day. The action should hold good for a while and we still have some availability for August thru October. The Bass fishing has still been awesome with 7-9 dozen fish on average boated per trip. We have seen a good number of larger Bass this season with many over the 4 - 5 lb. mark. The biggest Bass so far this season was 6.5 lbs. and it was 22 inches! Now that is a monster Bass! The Bass fishing should continue to be good through the start of September. The Perch have been starting to bite already as we have caught 25 keepers on our Bass Charters. We will be starting our Perch trips mid September thru October. We will be offering trophy Muskie hunts during October for those who just want to get a big Muskie and are not as concerned with numbers. Give us a call to set up your summer or fall trips now while we still have dates available! We look forward to hearing from you soon and hope to get you out fishing this season as the fishing is great! Tight Lines, Capt. Kevin Backus

Friday, June 29, 2012

Bass & Muskie Fishing Update….

Well we are well into both Bass & Muskie fishing for the 2012 season and what an awesome fishing season it is turning out to be. We just started fishing Bass on both the Canadian & Michigan side. The Michigan side over the past 2 months for the early catch and release season was incredible fishing. We have a running average of 8-9 dozen Bass caught per 6hr trip!! Our best day of Bass fishing so far has been over 100 Bass boated and the largest of this season is 6.6 Lbs. that measured 22”!! Now that is some great Bass fishing. The Bass fishing is getting better as the summer heats up and now we can fish the Canadian side where they have been left alone so far and will be some awesome fishing! The Muskie season is also well under way with the season’s opening tournament bringing in a 40# fish… and there have been many fish caught over the 30# mark so far. This season has shown to be one of the best Muskie fishing season’s yet as we have been boating over 10 fish per trip!! That is a running average of 10 Muskie boated with our best day so far of 21 for 28 Muskies. We have had many double and triple headers too. The biggest Muskie boated so far was 52” and weighed 34 Lbs. This fishing season should bring in many more monsters as well as a possible 50#er before the seasons end. The best part of the Muskie season is just getting started as well as the Canadian Bass season… We still have some dates available during the peak of this fishing season and this is not a season to miss!! Give us a call and set up your Bass or Muskie trips while there is still time! We look forward to hearing from you and hope to get you out fishing this season! Tight Lines, Capt. Kevin Backus Mr. Muskie Charters (586) 771-8817 phone and fax (586) 206-4172 cell

Friday, May 18, 2012

Spring fishing report!!

Now as May sets in and the temps have been steadily climbing along with the water temps, so too has the fishing… The Walleye fishing in the Detroit river has been outstanding this season with many big fish and limits of Walleyes caught in very short order at times. Recently there has been an abundance of silver bass being caught as well. These fish are a riot to catch as they are more than plentiful when in the river. They will school up to chase & eat bait, therefore when you are trying to get your jig down to the walleye’s they will hit it before it gets to the bottom. It makes it harder to catch the Walleye but you can’t beat the action of the silver bass run! It seems there has been a lot of Muskies being caught while jigging in the river as well as in the lake during the catch & release Bass season… This should prove to be an awesome year for Muskie fishing and there should be some real monsters caught this year, just like the one that is shown on our Facebook page that was caught by our mate Keith while he was fishing Walleye’s. It was 48” x 26” weighing a massive 40.6 lbs!! That is a true Monster Muskie. Check it out on our Facebook page at and join “like” our page to keep up with what is going on between fishing reports! The early catch & release season for Bass has proved to be very successful as we have averaged 3-5 dozen caught every trip… Now that is some good action! We just started those charters last week and will be doing the Bass charters through September however the action is best during the earlier part of the season. We will keep everyone posted on the fishing and add some pictures to keep you drooling… Give us a call to set up your 2012 charters while some dates are still available during the peak of the fishing season! Tight lines, Capt. Kevin Backus Mr. Muskie Charters (586) 771-8817 phone and fax (586) 206-4172 cell

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pre-Season updates & Fishing Reports

We wanted to give everyone one last reminder about our special pricing on all charters booked through April 1st!
Only 10 days left to take advantage of or discounted rates!
Call us now to set your 2012 charters while prime date during peak fishing season may still be available.
We also wanted to share some fishing information as well our seasons predictions…

Fishing Reports:
With the mild winter we had and the jump start into spring with record temps this fishing season is off and running with warmer than usual water temps and active fish. We should expect a great fishing season for the 2012!
Walleye season has already begun in the Detroit River! There have days with some good action & Limits of Walleye have been caught already! They are being caught over a wide spread area both on the American side as well as the Canadian side.
Bass season should be starting with some great action as they have been very active in the canals and shallows now which means they are starting their mating and spawning cycle. This should make them active and hungry for the early catch & release season ,which we will be starting our bass charters the 1st of May!
Muskie season is just around the corner and our book is starting to fill up as are the Muskies on the small bait fish in the shallows. There have been many sightings of huge Muskies in the shallows, which indicates they are spawning and feeding while protecting their eggs! There was very little die off this winter and a huge number of Muskies caught last season just under the legal mark, which means this should be another unbelievable year for Muskie fishing! I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the year of the 50#er!! Our calendar is starting to get filled up during the peak of the Muskie season, so call us to set up your 2012 charters while prime dates may still be available!!

We look forward to hearing from everyone and hope to get you out fishing this season!
Tight Lines,

Capt. Kevin Backus
Mr. Muskie Charters
(586) 771-8817 phone and fax
(586) 206-4172 cell